Newborns/small child (under 5’s)
1-2hour session indoors or outdoor
Cost: £150
Do Camera Flashes Affect Baby’s Eyes?
There has been a lot of debate over the years about the effect of camera flash on the newborn baby. Many people are of the opinion that a new born’s organs are extremely sensitive to powerful sources of light. So, exposure to such a strong source of light as a flash can cause damage to their eyesight. However extensive studies have been done on this topic, and it has been observed that camera flashes do not affect the baby in any way. Just like other sources of light such as the tube light or direct sunlight, it might dazzle the baby’s eyes for a few seconds. But this does not harm the baby’s eyesight in any way.
What will I get?
All images taken will be professionally edited. You will have the option of having them put onto a USB device or sent directly to Dropbox to be downloaded. Images are kept until notified by yourself you have downloaded them. Then they will be deleted. Back ups will be stored for approx 2 years should you need them again. Images are delivered in Full High Resolution ready for print. Should you require the same shots for Social Media please ask as they will need adapting for resolution.
What to expect on the day?
On arrival equipment needs to be set up. This generally takes 10 minutes. The more space available the better. If you have a small area in your living room but a larger floor space in the kitchen then this may work better. I tend to use two studio lights and on occasion a third speed light on the camera body itself. Depending on the area sometimes a large white canvas sheet needs preparing. Ideally if a newborn a quick feed to settle him/her is ideal whilst setting up equipment. This allows time to conduct test shots and prepare the area. Sleeping newborns are perfect as they tend to wake within 30 minutes for those wonderful open eye shots. Large knitted blankets are great for keeping your newborn snug. If you have a seat that allows the newborn to sit up for a small period this can be used to assist. Colourful toys look great so long as they are clean and tidy. Mum is generally best at positioning the newborn or assisting the photographer in getting some smiles. Clothing newborn is your preference but if clothing is used, clean newly worn rich colours work very well. Any blemishes, spots, eczema newborn may have can be edited out later on so please do not worry.
1-hour session outside - local park or preferred beauty spot
Cost: £100

Family Group
1-hour session outside - local park or preferred beauty spot
Cost: £150

1-hour session outside at local park
Cost: £75
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