Born in England, 1977
Studied at Northampton School for Boys
Waiting in anticipation for the photographs of one of the biggest days of your life is almost as exciting as the day itself. However, when that day arrived four weeks after my own wedding day, I could not have been more disappointed. Just a handful of photographs of the entire day, with no explanation or apologies.
It was at that point I was determined that no one else should have to experience that feeling so I decided to purchase a camera and learn the skills required to capture life myself.
​Fast forward to now and I love editing and perfecting images until they are exactly how I imagined them to be, if not better.​
Capturing the moments you may miss rather than a portfolio of everyone smiling saying "cheese". Genuine laughter will win hands down each time when captured off guard. 
Whether I am photographing a wedding, christening, children and babies, pets or entire families, they all share one thing at the heart of it all - celebration!
A celebration of life, love and joy and that is what I aim to capture in all of my work. To freeze a moment in time and preserve that memory for a lifetime to be shared with those close to you.
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